But first, let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of Solar Power

solar power

The advantages of Solar Power are many – so what are some of them.

1.      The sun is a constant source of renewable energy.  Even though at night power is not being generated or there may be a couple of days of rain or clouds, as the song says - “The sun will come out tomorrow...” and power again will be generated.

2.      Coal and oil are not renewable sources for power generation.  They will eventually run out, and once they are gone, they are gone for good.

3.      Coal and oil burning emit harmful gases, carbon dioxide and carcinogens into the atmosphere.  SOLAR generated power is clean and creates NO pollution.

4.      Maintenance of Solar Panels is minimal. An annual clean is about all they need.

5.      They are easily installed

6.      No noise – they are completely silent

7.      You will save so much money on your power bills, why? It is free to harness the sun’s energy.


1.      Power cannot be harnessed on a cloudy day, if it is raining or at night.

2.      Initial purchase can be costly.


You CAN now make your own solar panels to the same standard as those expensive ones from Solar Panel providers.

You CAN accomplish this by finding out as much as you possibly can, but make sure you learn from a reliable source with detailed instructions from professional people.

You CAN now get rid of your power bills totally or at the very least cut them dramatically using the FREE energy from the sun.

In a lot of countries, especially the U.S. there is a large number of people installing solar panels every day because they are now realising that is a great power source, far cleaner and much less expensive than traditional electricity producing methods.

If you learn how to make your own solar panels you will save thousands of dollars compared to the ready manufactured solar systems on the market.

Even though the month to month power bills are greatly reduced, most people cannot afford to buy these systems.

By building your own system you have a choice as to where you want to locate your panels – on the roof of your house or in your yard and you are able to make a system to suit your needs.

What do you need to make them?

·        Photovoltaic cells – Simply put, these are the cells that converts the energy of light directly into electricity.

·        Glass to cover the solar panels.

·        Copper wires

·        Aluminium or boards for the frames – I prefer aluminium angle.

·        A soldering iron.

That’s it! – Total cost around $200

Be sure that you buy the best quality you can afford – do not save money at the expense of quality.

You can find most of these items locally or go online.  There are plenty of reputable places to buy from.

Learning how to make your own solar panels will save you many dollars, help the environment and best of all..... IT IS FUN!

  solar panel





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